20 Facts/Things About Me

christmas 2016 2

  1. I love Sushi
  2. Avocados are my fav.
  3. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 2010 but started symptoms in 2001.
  4. I was in a very horrible car accident in 1998 that forever changed my life.
  5. I use to be a ballet dancer.
  6. I once was anorexic and still struggle with eating butnon a very different scale.
  7. My favorite colors are pink and red
  8. I really like acupuncture and it really works
  9. I love yoga and meditation.  They are both so relaxing. I want to try Tai Chi
  10. I love bubble tea. I make it homemade.
  11. I am a huge history need
  12. Harley Quinn is my spirit animal. I have my own Mr. J. Since my husband’s name starts with a J.
  13. I have PTSD from traumatic childhood events and my car accident in 1998.
  14. I have mixed bipolar. My ups and downs are a rollercoaster from minute to minute, your to hour.
  15. I experience complex migraines where I lose feeling in my face, have slurred speech, lose peripheral vision, and other symptoms similar to a stroke.
  16. I have two boys,  10 and 13. Plus two step children,  a son, 21 and a daughter, 11.
  17. I lived in Blacksburg, VA a few minutes from Virginia Tech for 5 years. Go Hokies!
  18. I am an Indianapolis Colts fan.
  19. I love to dye my hair. It’s currently blonde (with Brown shaved sides) but it has been cherry red, hot pink, purple,  blue, shades of blonde, brown, red, andsnow white.
  20. I love crispy bacon.

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